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It's not state-of-the-art methodology, but what have led Japan to the country of manufacturing - KAIZEN (continuous improvement). We are bringing the way to everywhere in the world
With the support of JICA (Japan International Corporation Agency), PREX (Pacific Resource Exchange Center) and local governmental authorities, we have delivered presentations mainly in Asian countries about how Japanese Small Medium Enterprises become competitive.
We provide you with seminar and training about Japanese style management, everywhere in the globe.

Our primary responsibility is to help Small Medium Enterprises achieve its management goals.
For this, we initiate KAIZEN (continuous improvement) activities where every single employee joins.
Quality Control

The scope of the service is as follows;
  • Introduction of KAIZEN (For those who initially starts KAIZEN)
  • Restricting of KAIZEN (For those who already implemented but are concerned with its performance)
  • Assessment (to check why your KAIZEN doesn't work properly)