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Our Concept

Organizational Behavior Management: We help you achieve your management goals, focusing especially on employees' motivation and growth

What is Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)?

OBM is our original method for management restructuring, which is based on Organizational Behavior. Organizational Behavior, having been developed in the U.S. after WW2, is the study about individual attitude and behavior in the context of working environment. Due to its origin, it is said that the study does not always fit for the small and medium enterprises in Japan.
Therefore, we restructured the study with our 20-year experience in supporting small and medium Japanese enterprises.
Organizational member

Pursuing both Motivation and Effectiveness

"We'll never hire any more employees in order to return to break-even. Of course, any overtime work and investment is never permitted. In addition, we will reduce defects by 30% and labor cost by 20%."
A top management of a company stated as above. The company returned in black ink 2 years later, however at the end of the day, a lot of employees resigned.
Pursuing too much effectiveness sometimes put a lot of pressure on managers and employees. The longer it lasts, the less the managers and the employees are motivated. Eventually it sometimes ends up in people leaving the company.
In OBM, we pursue both motivation and effectiveness so that the managers and employees can promote what is planned for its management goal.

Characteristics of OBM

Focusing on individual behavior in organization

We promote its management restructuring, focusing on employees' motivation and growth. In the tough economic environment, a lot of SMEs try to achieve huge cost-cut and/or develop new business. However, no matter how nice the strategy is, it will never be achieved unless employees execute and promote. Thus, we believe employees motivation and growth is the key for success.

Solving problems with all of the employees

Every single employee should join the management restructuring, because you can expect more achievement, compared to the situation where a limited number of employees join. With all of the employees, we can more easily solve the problems by aggregating as much knowledge as possible. Besides, they can share a sense of danger and participation to the management. Through the activities within / across departments, company-wide ability of problem solving will increase.
Solving problems

"Occasion for dialogue" will develop employees drastically

"Occasion for dialogue" is the key word of OBM. For instance, when there is an occasion for dialogue between superior and subordinate, subordinate will understand what his/her superior expect. Also, his/her effort will more often be recognized by the superior. As another example, when there is an occasion for dialogue between top management and managers, managers will understand what the top management thinks about its Corporate Philosophy. Also, managers will have more chance to feel the sense of danger which the top management usually has. By understanding what his/her superior thinks, the subordinate's mind set will change, which brings the drastic growth of employees.

Organization will make a big change

The managers and employees are supposed to set high objectives by themselves, challenge them, and improve its jobs. It is not the job assignment by its superior, but spontaneous activity. In the process of setting the objectives, they will understand their own responsibility, and will change their moral (e.g. mindset or attitude). Eventually it will create the culture of spontaneous action, and organization will make a big change.

Clearly visualizing the achievements

The achievements in the series of these activities will be clearly visualized as much as possible. By this, the employees will have the feeling of accomplishments, and also will be further motivated to challenge higher objectives.
Visualizing the achievements